Bianca Zaltcovitz

Bianca is a Carioca who graduated in Design and who's biggest passion is diving into artist's creative processes. As our curator, Bianca handles Rio Art Gallery’s curation, content and exhibitions. She is always looking for creative approaches to leverage our artist's talents.

Margaret Lutz

Margaret is an American-born, Brazilian-raised Marketer and Entrepreneur. Our administrative brain and growth hacker, Margaret is Rio Art Gallery's orchestrator, responsible for finding ways to leverage our growth and potential, and turning dreams into reality.


Nina Chini Gani

Nina was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro. She graduated in Graphic Design, but always had her mind in art. While in college, she was introduced to the local graffiti artists, who got her even more inspired. She now runs the Rio Street Art Tour, and is our event producer and agitator.