The pleasure of traveling is directly connected to the pleasure of experiencing new contexts. One of the difficulties of traveling is choosing which experiences are worth your trust and money. Finding someone who is willing to offer the traveler all theses positive experiences -- that is what makes moments magical, unique and unforgettable.

The Rio Street Art Tour was born out of the love of art and of the artists who choose to go out on the streets and tell their stories. That is what the tour delivers (on a silver platter) to those who partake in it. The intimacy of the stories behind the urban art scene. Due to the fact that Nina, the founder of the Rio Street Art Tour, knows and engajes in the artist’s world, she is able to reveal, through her point of view, what urban art means in Rio de Janeiro. She teaches the travelers about urban art history and the different painting processes, like the use of a fatcap, skinny cap, and other medias. She shows you how to read a bomb or throwup, what are crews, and which ones are where in the city. 

On top of all of that, she also takes her travelers to unique exhibitions and events, and can adjust each tour to the customer’s wishes. By the end of each tour, the travelers can sit down for a good beer, good food, and have an exchange about their day together.

Taking the Rio Street Art Tour is much more than just choosing an urban art tour, it is choosing a life experience, in great company, with a professional who works out of love and is always looking for new ways to create special moments.

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