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Casa Naara is a new, innovative space comprised of a café, gallery, bookstore and store, all of which promote collaborative economy, fair trade and conscious consumption. They showcase the work and creations of local producers, artists, editors, craftsmen, designers and architects who believe in the appreciation of local, Brazilian craftsmanship which respects environmental and social resources.

The Musical Chairs project will bring together local designers and some of Rio’s prominent street artists to create artsy design products during live painting sessions. At the end of the sessions, all products will be auctioned.

March 2017 at Casa Naara, Rio de Janeiro



To support the NGO Criança Responder, Rio Art Gallery invited the artist Miguel Vida to create a live painting during a fundraising event for the cause. At the end of the event, the painting was auctioned and part of the proceeds went to the NGO, which works to provide structure and transform the lives of families who have children with health risk, who were seen by the Municipal Hospital Miguel Couto and the State Institute of Cardiology Aloysio de Castro, by acting in the health department, generating income, housing, education and citizenship. 

December 2016 at a private house, Rio de Janeiro.



Set on creating an interaction between artist and public, we participated in the Japeri fundraising dinner auction, to help raise funds for the Japeri Golf Club. The Golf Club is a social project which provides child care and golf classes to children and teenagers for of the Japeri community, in the suburbs of Rio.

We took the artist Miguel Vida for an afternoon at the Golf Club, where he learned more about the sport, and the people involved in the project. What he experienced became the inspiration for the live painting he created during the dinner at the Golf Club.

Reflecting on elements involved in the golfing technique, and concepts from his personal repertoire, Miguel created a composition that approaches recurring themes in his artistic pursuit, like the process of discovery and colonization, the values of ancient knowledge, the search for a wild nature and the return of the essence of human existence.

August 2016 at Gávea Golf Club, Rio de Janeiro.

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The neighborhood of São Conrado completed 100 years in September, 2016. To celebrate this mark, the organization Estufa Urbana and Rio Art Gallery worked together to produce the event "1916 - A Century of São Conrado".

São Conrado has the peculiar characteristic of harboring multiple possibilities of interactions with the best of what Rio has to offer: the beach, parasailing, surfing, hiking, cultural activities, etc. With that in mind, Rio Art Gallery brought together a selection of artists whose work can be seen all over the city of Rio: Cazé, Carlos Bobi, Vinicius Spam and Vinicius Carvas. During the event, the artists worked together on a live painting of a themed panel which was later raffled off to the public. The event closed with an open debate hosted by the artist Cazé which addressed the theme "graffiti".

The event also had independent bands performing and a photo exhibition entitled "São Conrado after 100 years, a portrait of contrasts". Located at the Fashion Mall Shopping Center, the event had the intention of resignifying the relationship between the locals and this neighborhood, providing a night of art and music to the residents and visitors.

August 2016 at Fashion Mall Shopping Center, Rio de Janeiro.

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Art Rua

The 2016 edition of ArtRua left its mark in the city by being part of the renovation process of Rio’s Port Zone.

In this edition, Rio Art Gallery was the only local gallery, representing 3 artists: Vinicius Spam, Heitor Corrêa e Carlos Bobi, who were invited to paint one of the inside murals for the event.

During the event, we also offered an exclusive tour, together with "Lev" bicycle brand and the Rio Street Art Tour, of the Port Zone.

September - October 2016 at Zona Portuária do Rio de Janeiro.

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Pupa - Heitor Corrêa

Following up with the development of artistic projects, the exhibition Pupa by Heitor Corrêa, marked our first curated show. It also marked the departure of the artist, who moved to Portugal.

Curator’s text

Pupa is the third stage of metamorphosis, of transformation, rebirth. To pass through these stages of life is part of human evolution. Be it by voluntary or involuntary circumstances, it is a privilege to have the sensibility to appreciate such moments.

Heitor Corrêa invites us to be a part of his pupa phase, where he revealed to the public works that reflect on his self knowing process as he prepares for evolution and transformation. Willing to through himself out in the world, as a rite of passage, the artist uses his artistic process to reflect on relationships through a holistic point of view. The symbology of each element reveals his own unique universe where lamp posts are elements of connections, moths, in their process of transformation, move around in the shadows, and find themselves in the light, which is knowledge.

Heitor transcended the use of watercolors, in an introspective and detailed technique, searching to extract a oil paint behavior from the watery opacity. Each observation reveals some different element in the surreal universe created by the artist.

August 2016 at Espaço Rabisco, Rio de Janeiro.

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It is with great joy that we start 2016 with the launch of Rio Art Gallery. The collective exhibition included works of emerging artists: 8-bitch Project, Carlos Bobi, Daniel Nadi, Guilherme Memi, Jana Glatt, Juliana Fervo, Leonardo Castilho/Cast, Pia, Rodrigo Villas, Vinícius Spam, Vinícius Carvas/Cash, Wark.

As partners for in this event, we had the support of the delicious Jeffrey beer and the Espaço Rabisco Urban Art, where we hosted the opening, featuring pieces printed in fine art. A hit with the public, the event marked the inauguration of Rio Art Gallery and our activities.

May 2016 at Espaço Rabisco, Rio de Janeiro.