Rio de Janeiro is sizzling with life, color, beauty and seduction; all of which are reflected in its art. Most of Rio's best art is not found inside museums and galleries, but is frequently camouflaged amidst the city’s complex social and urban fabric of favelas, markets, beaches, large highways and small, winding streets. Due to its informal and decentralized nature, the Carioca art scene can be difficult to grasp.

Rio Art Gallery was created to help find, showcase and promote Rio de Janeiro's best independent artists. The project was created based on the combination of a growing economic and social interest in Brazilian art, and the flourishing artistic scene which is overflowing with creativity and in need for support and recognition. Our mission is to find and bring to light the city's best emerging artists and their work through the Rio Street Art Tours, exhibitions, events, partnerships and an online platform. With these initiatives, we are making Carioca art accessible to both locals and foreigners, while supporting the growth of the brilliant artistic talent the city holds.

The collection presented on our website showcases some of the many artists we support. With it, we offer you a glimpse into Rio's incredible talent, and the opportunity to read into the city's social and cultural soul.